cinetrope [sin-uh-trohp]

What's Cinetrope?

The Atlanta, GA based Cinetrope is a rock & roll band that have been difficult to categorize in the years they have been together. They have drawn comparisons to everything from Portishead, Siouxsie Sioux, Yeah Yeah Yeahs with a touch of Pink Floyd and a mood of David Lynch meets Quentin Tarantino.

Here's some amazing things people have said about us...

“Cinetrope think big. The Atlanta band, whose name means “film music,” have created a concept album about a man-made plague that ends the world (turning people into zombies, of course), the guilt the creator of the plague goes through, and the creator’s ultimate redemption by inventing a spacecraft that allows some people to escape the deadly earth. That said, the story plays a minimal role in the beauty of this CD. As their name implies, Cinetrope create music that the listener can see. It is rich and ominous at one point, and harsh and danceable the next. Songs such as “Fear” and “Act Part II: Turning” have that same effect of a slowly pulsing ocean of beats and ambiance that the best Radiohead songs have. They’re moody, cerebral, and slightly uncomfortable, but ultimately captivating.” - Al Kaufman, Atlanta Music Guide

“Atlanta combo Cinetrope pump out bouncy, new wavish pop-rock, a bit shadowy and moody but easy on the ears, a bit like the later, lighter Siouxie & the Banshees albums. Once I Ruled the World is their new, second CD, with cover artwork by Alcove Gallery’s H.C. Warner. ” - Jeff Clark, Stomp & Stammer

“Cinetrope’s film music concept is apparent in the band’s mood-setting dream pop. With the occasional surf-like guitar, front woman Sharron Von Hoene’s Siouxsie Sioux-meets-Nancy Sinatra style and overall David Lynch-esque atmosphere, the band’s indie rock is undeniably ethereal and catchy. In celebration of its latest release “Once I Ruled The World,” a concept album about a zombie-like apocalypse that leaves few survivors, the band is offering a free copy with each paid admission. Atlanta’s Feeding Fingers play an equally ethereal, Cure-like goth pop that takes the listener on a somewhat darker aural exposition. Nerd Parade’s acoustic-y indie pop with occasional electronic flourishes acts as the opening credits to the night’s proceedings. ” - Jonathan Williams, Metromix

“Take Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Portishead, Aimee Mann, Pink Floyd, a Quentin Tarantino Film, and Maybe a Shot of Absinthe..and You Get the Band Cinetrope. They Are Seriously Brilliant. I’m Having Trouble Picking Only One Track to Play.” - Shawn Williams, 97.9FM (99X Locals Only)

“Cinetrope A FINE ROMANCE: “Ochre Haze,” the opening track from this Atlanta quartet’s new CD, sounds like a jazzier and less synth-centric Stereolab, but that’s just part of the story. The flexible, free-ranging vocals of Sharron Scott contain traces of Siouxsie Sioux and Beth Gibbons (Portishead) more often than the ‘Lab’s Laetitia Sadier. Cinetrope’s stylish bounce most often recalls the criminally underrated and largely forgotten Canadian group Martha and the Muffins. Go see this CD release show and grab a copy of Cinetrope’s groovy “This Strange Romance”.” – Shane Harrison, Atlanta Journal Constitutions Access Atlanta